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Velasquez, E., Bryan, S., Ekins, M., Cook, A., Hurrey, L., and Firn. J. Age and area predict patterns of species richness in pumice rafts contingent on oceanic climatic zone encountered. Ecology and Evolution. 2018;00:1–13.


Submitted      Velasquez., E., Bryan, S., and Firn., J. Biotic drivers, including a foundation species effect, are predictors of community assembly for floating pumice ecosystems. Functional Ecology.

Draft in prep. Velasquez., E. and Firn., J.  Disturbance history predicts recruitment success in a critically endangered ecosystem. Ecosphere.

Government reports, policy and legislative instruments:

2012                Reef Water Quality Protection Unit; ‘Review of knowledge gaps and strengths identified from Environmental Risk Management Plan (ERMP) accreditation processes’.
Significance:   This report provided one of the multiple lines of evidence which contributed to the third Reef Report Card under ‘Priority Area 3: Measuring Success’ of the Reef Water Quality Protection Plan 2009 (Reef Plan) which is a joint State and Federal government initiative aimed at protecting the Great Barrier Reef. (

2011                Wild Rivers Team; Natural values and Wild River Declaration reports for the Olive-Pascoe, Watson and Coleman Rivers located on Cape York Peninsular.
Significance:   A group of dedicated policy officers with a background in science were pulled into a ‘special project team’ to escalate the collation of scientific information and production of these reports prior to the 2012 State election.

 2010                Water Allocation and Planning (North) Team; Mitchell and Gulf Resource Operations Plans released for public consultation and implemented.
Significance: The water resource planning process, prescribed under the Water Act 2000 is one of Queensland’s main tools for meeting the challenges of climate change and population growth.(